Low monthly payments

There are some unbelievably overpriced cars out there, just walk down the street from us, or check out the AutoTrader to know what I mean. But here even our nicest car can be driven away with a monthly payment of less than $300.

Can we finance everyone?

Yes, we can. Now as far as magic is concerned…we haven’t learned that yet. Everyone needs something attractive to the finance companies in order to get financed. If it’s not good credit you have, then, how about a long time at the same job, or a friend or relative with good credit?

In House

If you don’t have any of those we can still finance you with a larger down payment. So we finance everyone within reason.


Getting started 

Many people ask about applying online. No need for that. We just have a short questionnaire, and then we can tell you pretty confidently whether you will be approved or not.

First question: Credit history

Have you had a car loan in the past, or any other types of loans, like credit cards, department store cards, jewelry, or furniture loans? Did you pay all your payments on time, a few were a little late, or did you not pay them at all? When was the last loan?

Second question: Income

How much income do you get a month, before taxes are deducted, including all overtime, side jobs, child support, trust funds, etc.? What is your main job, and for how long have you been doing it?

Third question: The down and monthly payments

How much down-payment do you have? Do you have a trade-in? If so, what is it? And what do you want your monthly payment amount to be?

Call, email, or answer us in person with your answers and we can get you rolling!!!


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